Yes we can do just one t-shirt for a price around $15 to $30 dollars depending on the artwork

Yes we are fully automated shop - our press can print 500 shirts per hour

Yes we have Embrodiery machines at our shop - we charge a one time $15 digitizing fee for new logos

No we do not - we consider the whole project and give you a price quote

We will try our best, we are a small business but keep in mind we do not have hidden fees

Yes just give us a call and we can set you up


Yes but we recommend an extra or two for mishaps

Yes - we have a catalog tab and anything you find on those sites we can hook you up with! If you have something particular in mind and cannot find it just give us a call (573) 248-7607 we have a ton of resources

Everything is better with glitter

Yes we can do 60” wide by however long you desire

Yes for a small fee

If someone doesn’t have rights to the logo then yes we can

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